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Research and Development Solutions, Inc.

Duns #606843167

RDSI provides government and industry clients professional and technical services in the fields computer engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, system integration, simulation and stimulation, R&D, system installation and field service support, facilities operation and maintenance, and EW training. RDSI was the initial Alternation Installation Team (AIT) for the AN/BLQ-10. RDSI was responsible for ordering material, fabrication, staging, kitting, shipping, and installing on board SSN 688 submarines. RDSI provides program management support, system analysis and design, software design and development, facilities operation and maintenance, and system installation services for a many Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Government programs worldwide.

Past performance includes: Systems Engineering; Software Engineering, Test & Evaluation; Technical Documentation; Design Engineering; In-Service, Life-Cycle and Program Support. Technical and Engineering Services for Imaging, Electronic Warfare and Communications Systems. Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) And Configuration Management (CM) for NUWCDIVNPT (Code 34). Torpedo Systems Department (Code 81) Warehouse Services.

Systems Technology Forum, Ltd.

Duns #134157333

STF provides logistics, systems engineering installation management, program management support and technical and operational subject matter expertise for communications and network programs and military missions' analysis across the DoD and DoN.

Past performance includes: Engineering and Logistics services to NAVSEA and various field activities.

URS Federal Technical Services, Inc.

Duns #083070925

URS has successfully delivered professional support services in the areas of Program Management, Acquisition, Engineering and Engineering Management, Logistics Support and Financial Management to the Government for over fifty years. Our experience in defense acquisition support demonstrates a disciplined and proven approach to the successful execution of systems acquisition programs from ACAT ID to IVT. Our experience includes all milestone decision points and acquisition phases, from concept exploration and program definition through engineering and manufacturing development, production, fielding/deployment and for major upgrades. We have a working knowledge of the requirements and standards that apply to acquisition program support and documentation.

Past performance includes: N00024-01-C-7019/ D.O. 0005 - Team Submarine Support and N00024-10-C-5431 - Engineering and Technical Management Support to the Rolling Airframe Missile Program.

Knowledge Made Solutions, Inc.

Duns #828935325

KMS provides Engineering and Hi-Tech Services to the Department of Defense (DoD) and DoD Prime Contractors. We specialize in Project Management; System & Software Engineering; Test Engineering & Support; Information Assurance; Database Development & Tuning; Full-lifecycle Software QA processes; Configuration Management; and Technical Writing.

Past performance includes: Communications (Satellite Communications, Submarine Communications, and Link-16), Simulation / Avionics (SH-60 Flight Trainers, S-3B Flight Trainers, and Real-Time Development), and Acquisition Support. JIST-NET project program management, test engineering, database development and tuning, Information Assurance (IA), system administration, Quality Assurance (QA), Configuration Management (CM) and technical writing

McLaughlin Research Corp.

Duns #044697373

MRC furnishes a full spectrum of engineering solutions to customers in the company's core technology areas of: Systems Engineering; Design and Drafting; Configuration Management; Integrated Logistics Support; Information Technology; Program Management; Environmental Management; Technical Documentation; Training, and Support; Graphic Design.

Past performance includes: Management and Technical Support Services for NUWC Headquarters; Torpedo Weapons Systems Support NUWC; Technical and Logistics Support for Launcher Systems and Payload Integration Division NUWC; Infrastructure Support (Safety, Security, and Environmental) NUWC; Logistics, Installation, and Training Support for Acoustic Augmentation Support Program NUWC; Security, Logistics, and Facilities Technical Support Services for Command Operations Department's Security and Facilities Divisions at NSWC, Corona Division.

Alion Science and Technology Corp.

Duns #035274158

Alion provides engineers, architects, designers and operational experts support literally for every U.S. Navy surface ship program as well as undersea vessels and Coast Guard ships. Services include: Ship and System Design and Engineering; Acquisition and Production Management; Operational Sustainment and Lifecycle Support; IT Systems Engineering and Software Lifecycle Support; Testing and Evaluation; R&D, Prototyping and Human-Systems Integration; Logistics and Readiness; Energy and Environmental Sciences; and Modeling, Simulation, Training and Analysis.

Past performance includes: Provided all SeaPort-e functional support for many Navy organizations including NAVSEA, CHINFO; SPAWAR; OPNAV; and ONI.

BAE Systems Technology Solutions & Services

Duns #103933453

BAE Systems is a key service provider of total engineering and logistics services in all SeaPort-e functional areas including: Maintenance Services; Modernization Services; Supply Chain Services; Training Services; Engineering and Information Services; and Facilities and Energy Services.

Past performance includes: All functional SeaPort-e areas for NAVSEA, NAVAIR, NAVSUP and many other federal agencies.

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