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Quality Assurance

I Square Systems, LLC embeds Quality Assurance from inception and throughout every phase of our projects. The primary methods of assuring the quality of services are appropriate advance planning, assignment of sufficient qualified staff resources, provision of appropriate tools, and establishment of rigorous program and project management techniques.

I Square Systems' SOP covers all aspects of contract and task order management demanding quality planning, execution, and monitoring of all work performed. At award, I Square Systems immediately issues internal task orders or subcontractor delivery order/purchase order. These documents include internal checkpoints in addition to the task order's requirements allowing for rapid identification of problems or potential schedule delays and provide for proactive problem resolution to minimize performance impacts.

I Square Systems uses a proven internal accounting system to monitor and accurately report financial and contractual performance. As required, comprehensive reports are prepared containing precise tracking of current costs compared to budgeted estimates, contract-spending plans, estimates-to-complete (including cost breakdown and hours), and contract summary reports. These reports include subcontractor performance, the status of milestone by task and detailed information on labor, materials, and ODCs for the current reporting period, and updated total task expenditures, remaining funds, and current and projected burn rates to provide an accurate picture of total contract performance.

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