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Sustainment Engineering

Sustainment engineering is the technical effort to support an in-service system in its operational environment to ensure continued operation and maintenance of the system. It is the engineering and analytical process of assessing and improving a system and/or equipment’s ability to "bear up" under continued operation, maintenance and "unexpected change".

Sustainment Engineering Support Tasks

  • In-service engineering
  • Re-qualification of new parts
  • Redesign from modernization or supportability
  • Software upgrade and maintenance
  • ECP prototyping and testing
  • Engineering change proposal development
  • Field change kit development
  • Installation planning and documentation
  • Integrated logistics product modifications
  • System performance monitoring and tracking
  • Land based testing and system interoperability analysis and engineering
  • System security engineering
  • Manage and implement of support systems integration strategies
  • Application of diagnostics, prognostics, and other condition based maintenance techniques
  • Coordination of logistics information technology and other enterprise integration efforts
  • Implementation of logistics foot print reduction strategies
  • Coordination of mission area integration
  • Identification of technology insertion opportunities
  • Identification of operations and support cost reduction opportunities
  • Monitoring of key support metrics
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