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Integrated Logistics Support

Integrated logistics support is a technique used to ensure that the supportability of equipment/system is considered during its design to ensure that supportability aspects are considered. This is to ensure that user maintenance and routine servicing tasks can be performed easily. Supportability of the equipment must be coordinated with the system engineering and specialty engineering effort during all life cycle phases. ILS elements include: Maintenance planning; Supply support; Support and Test Equipment/Equipment support; Manpower and personnel; Training and training support; Technical data; Computer Resources support; Facilities; Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation (PHS&T); and Design interface.

Integrated Logistics Support Tasks

  • Technical manual and IETM development
  • Engineering drawing technical data packages
  • Curriculum development, training system, computer based training, training delivery
  • Supply support, provisioning, inventory management, warehousing, procurement, supply chain management
  • Test equipment, calibration, land based test facilities
  • Computer based resources
  • Maintenance Plans, Documentation, and support services
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